Review of a UK Casino

One for the British would be a reasonable presumption if someone directs you to this online casino website, considering the whole UK Casino moniker associated with the URL. And it is also intended at a very specific sort of Briton, or rather, UK resident. Or possibly this individual is seeking to resemble a very specific sort of UK inhabitant.

The banner picture depicts a dashing gentleman wearing a dinner jacket complete with dicky bow, his hand in the ideal position to convey the message ‘I’m fastening my jacket button with flair and class’. It conjures up just one image—Bond.

Obviously, there is no franchise connection here; this is not James Bond, and the £10 ‘welcome offer’ for new members, which is written over the image in a big serif font, would imply that the clients are unlikely to be super wealthy aristocracy types in reality. Nonetheless, everything about UK Casino is geared at establishing an aura of class, which has long been used to erroneously characterize British people in the views of individuals from other countries, most notably the United States, as a consequence of film representations.

Of course, the fact is that the majority of British people are not like the individual shown on this webpage. At their worst, they are drunkenly yelling, fighting, and attempting to bed one another in dreary rural town centers. At best, they are elitist snobs who may own a nice dinner jacket but are no more likely to share their wealth with you and me than the next person, and certainly someone you should be concerned about gambling against, given that they probably gamble all the time and have long since mastered the art of being like the house winning every time. And I should know, having been born in the United Kingdom.

Apart from the cultural context, UK Casino is focused at the UK market and intends to compete in a very saturated segment of online gaming. The website style is sleek and relatively contemporary, with a noticeably pared-down, limited number of menus and choices visible upon first load. That’s refreshing to us, and much less overwhelming when compared to the plethora of competitors on the market. It is, however, symptomatic of something we will discuss later, but can touch on now – this is hardly the most broad offering we’ve ever seen. Nonetheless, it does seem to be rather lovely.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

They believe that a terrific physique will only go you so far and for so long in life. It’s hard to argue with such sentiments. Fortunately, UK Casino is more than the handsome, chiseled, muscular, yet obviously moisturized face of the gentleman welcoming you at the figurative door. By remaining on the site and scrolling down for a split second, you can get a sense of the kind and quality of the products on sale. Several of the titles are brand new and unquestionably cutting edge.

Others are less so, but are still a lot of fun, and, in the case of Slots such as Worms and Duckula, are certain to strike a chord with any gamer over the age of around 30, since they are based on vintage video games and cartoons, respectively.

The overall quality of the’machines’ in this digital cathedral of cash-winning (if that is not too blasphemous) is sufficient to compete, and the diversity is also rather astounding. There’s everything from classic three reel slots meant to evoke the atmosphere of a pub or bar to full-fledged Live Roulette set in a world where truth is paramount. You could even refer to it as a simulation. Regrettably, this also brings us to our first critique.

Where is John’s Poker?

You read it here first (probably) — UK Casino does not, in any way, shape, or form, feature a poker table. Or, if it does, we were unable to locate the game.

This is a significant omission, and in comparison to many casinos, it is just not acceptable. While many people are accustomed to casino websites with the word ‘Slots’ focusing exclusively on Slots or Bingo websites focusing exclusively on Bingo, when something is called UK Casino, one would expect it to cover every possible aspect of what could possibly happen, ever, within an actual real-world casino.

Nonetheless, there are a variety of game types to choose from – slots, table games, and progressive jackpots. However, the fact that even the Table games area is limited to three variations of blackjack and one variation of poker is another miscalculation. I’ve seen everything from Craps to obscure Chinese versions on well-known card games in the past. The latter may be a stretch, but isn’t it reasonable to ask for a little poker? You know, the same poker that people play all around the globe, the same poker that is maybe the most well-known, most renowned (if not favorite) card game on the planet!

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